Fun Ways to Use Your New Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are a great device that can help you track your fitness goals and monitor your progress over time. But keep in mind that fitness trackers are so much more than this and you don’t want to miss out on all the other functions they have to offer. Here are some fun ways you can use your fitness tracker.

Challenge a Friend

Many fitness trackers provide a lot of useful and fun functions, including one that allows you to challenge and compete with friends. Working out with a friend will hold you accountable and keep you motivated to stay active.

Set Reminders

The easiest way to incorporate more activity into your schedule is to set reminders. Your fitness tracker can remind you to do a quick workout every day or to go for a short walk every other hour.

Sign Up for Challenges

Signing up for daily and weekly challenges, such as fitness bets or step counts, is also a great way to boost your motivation. You can download many fitness apps on your watch and they also have forum and discussion groups where you can get in touch with other people and find useful advice.