Get Fresh Air First Thing in the Morning 

Fresh air
Photo by Olga Nayda on Unsplash

Getting fresh air within the first hour of waking up is something you may not want to do. Most people enjoy having a slow morning. Fresh air can change how your entire day unfolds. Here’s why getting out of your house and into the fresh air can be more beneficial than you might realize. 

Get Alert

Studies have claimed that fresh air right when you wake up can rejuvenate your mind and improve alertness. This is because breathing in fresh air increases the amount of oxygen we take in. In addition, walking outside increases the feeling of mental clarity—even sitting out in fresh air can also help. 

Move Your Body

Although going for a walk can help more than just sitting in the fresh air because you are actively moving your body. No one says it needs to be a long walk. Just five minutes can do. In addition, studies have shown that people who spend more time outside and in nature have a higher cognitive function than those who do not.  

Feel Happy

Fresh air can also help improve your immune system. This is because fresh air helps in reducing stress and depression. Breathing in fresh air reduces our stress hormones and helps boost our mood. Studies have shown that if you get out in fresh air within the first hour after waking up, your mood can be improved by 30%.