Get Ready for Your Next Gym Sessions with BTS’s Workout Playlist

Screenshot via Cardio Party Mashup Fitness/YouTube

Most people need an epic workout playlist to get in the mood for their gym sessions and our favorite musicians are no different. The members of BTS gave it their all to prepare for their Grammy performance, but none of it would be possible without their amazing workout playlist.

Members of the K-pop band discussed their Grammy prep with and singled out Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open” and Ariana Grande’s “Test Drive” as their go-to workout songs.

“We’re listening to Bruno Mars and Anderson’s Silk Sonic new song. And one thing is that Ariana [Grande]’s new album is the best for the treadmill. The tempo and her voice is amazing,” said BTS member RM during the interview.

“Leave the Door Open” has yet to be turned into a home workout video, but training to Grande’s latest album Position isn’t out of question. If you want to work out just like BTS, you can try dance cardio workouts to the beat of Position, shared by YouTube channels MadFit, Kyra Pro, and The Fitness Marshall.

Workout videos inspired by BTS’s songs are also all over YouTube right now. MadFit shared brief dance cardio workouts with the band’s hit singles “On”, “Dynamite”, and “Boy in Luv”, but you can find more elaborate choreographies at Sunny Funny Fitness and Cardio Party Mashup Fitness.