Get Rid of Love Handles with MadFit’s Latest Hourglass Workout

Image via madfit.ig/Instagram

Maddie Lymburner AKA MadFit always hits all the right notes with her workout videos, and her fans are patiently waiting for each hourglass workout she shares with the world. Her latest allows you to have an amazing abs workout and wave your love handles goodbye.

The term “love handles” is often used to describe excess fat that sits on either side of the waist above the hips. You can minimize their appearance by doing exercises that can burn lower belly fat, and MadFit’s latest workout includes quite a few of those moves.

From side planks and reverse crunches to leg raises and mountain climbers, this workout includes many exercises that can do wonders for your lower abs. Lymburner, however, makes it clear that you shouldn’t expect overnight results after doing this routine.

“Just a reminder that you cannot SPOT REDUCE FAT. This workout will not exclusively BURN BELLY FAT! This workout will help to tone and strengthen those problem areas. Fat loss is an all-over body process!”, she wrote on YouTube.

This isn’t the first workout that targets love handles that she shared with the world, and here are a few more that you should consider checking out.