Great 10-Minute Workouts to do in the Morning

Starting your day with a quick and effective workout is one of the best ways to feel happy, healthy, and energized in the morning. These are some great and fun morning workouts you can do in only 10 minutes.

Lower-Body Workout

10 minutes is all it takes to stretch and do this killer workout for lower body. Your legs will be burning afterwards, but at least you’ll feel great for starting the day productively.

Full Body Workout

This full-body workout is something between yoga and pilates, which is why it seems easy at first. However, after only a few minutes your entire body will be burning, but it’s only because this workout is so effective.

Energizing Yoga Workout

Quick yoga workout is perfect if you’re looking for something less intense. This video in particular will help you stretch your entire body, wake up and feel more energized in the morning.

Dance to Burn Fat

Need something fun to motivate you to do your morning workout? Danielle Peazer’s dance routine is a fun way to burn calories early in the morning and you’ll need only seven minutes to complete it.