Grow with Jo Created the Ultimate Lunch Break Workout

Lunch break workouts experienced a huge boom over the course of the past year, especially with people who are sitting at their desk for eight hours straight. If you want to implement them into your daily routine but aren’t sure how, Grow with Jo will help you make it happen.

One of YouTube’s biggest rising fitness stars at the moment, Jo is dedicated to making fun workouts that are easy to follow. That certainly happens to be the case with her latest lunch break workout that you can complete in just 15 minutes.

This workout mostly consists of fast-paced walking moves and you will love its low-impact nature. It’s great at burning calories and fat, but it’s important to stay consistent and stick to this routine to see results. It will do a great job keeping you active even if you have an exhausting desk job, which keeps you seated for several hours per day.

Jo mostly specializes in dance cardio workouts, so this one also has elements of that routine. She choreographed all of the moves to catchy songs to give you a motivational boost that you’ll need to make it through this routine every day without breaking a sweat.