Guide for your First 5K Run

Photo by Bradley Wentzel on Unsplash

For all people who absolutely hate running, completing 5K is not a very easy thing to do. In order to get to that goal, you need to be strong, fit and have a fighter mindset! There are important things you should know and do before starting to achieve that goal:

Know the basics

Know what you’re getting yourself into: 5K equals around 30 minutes of running and if the thought of that makes you want to sit on a couch, you should focus on your mindset first. How bad do you really want this?

Sign Up!

There are constantly races everywhere. You can find them either through your gym, online or just from word to mouth. Pick a race that would be interesting for you and make that your goal. Choose a race that’s 8-10 weeks away so you have enough time to train.

The right shoes

The most important thing on this list is wearing the right shoes. That is crucial for you to get to the finish line. When you purchase your new shoes, give yourself enough time to get used to them. Running a 5k with brand new, never worn shoes is probably the biggest cause of pain and injury when running.

Find a plan

With running, just like with everything else in life you got to build it up. Do not expect to run like a champ right away, but give your body the time to get used to this type of exercise. There are a lot of running planning apps and they usually take around 8 weeks. , Probably the best and most famous one is Couch to 5K, and will definitely get you ready for the big day!