Healthy Midnight Snacks That are Easy to Make

Sometimes it’s easier to replace a habit with a new one than to give it up completely. If midnight snacks are your kryptonite, you don’t necessarily have to make yourself stop snacking. Instead, you can make these three easy, delicious, and healthy snacks when you feel the late night cravings.


As long as you don’t make it with plenty of oil and salt, popcorn can be a great snack choice for any time of day. Corn is a whole grain that will digest slowly and keep you full longer than simple carbs like white bread and cookies.


Try drinking your snack—there’s a reason why a glass of warm milk is a popular drink to have before bed. Warm milk can help you fall asleep faster and rest better during the night. If you don’t like milk, you can also try greek yogurt, because the effect comes from calcium.

Peanut Butter

Some peanut spread on a piece of whole wheat bread or eaten with a banana will get you sleepy in no time, plus, it will provide some protein, which is definitely much better than eating carbs at night.