Healthy Snacks You Can Eat on the Go

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Making healthier food choices is easier when you’re at home. You can stock up on groceries and prepare meals in advance, but what happens when you go on a trip? While it may be a great excuse to just eat anything that’s available, with a little effort and upfront planning you can easily manage to eat healthy foods while away. Here are some suggestions.

Make Energy Balls

Mix your favorite nuts and seeds with oats, peanut butter, dates, honey and everything else you want and make small balls that are perfect for taking with you.

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Bring Apples

Whole apples will stay fresh for days, they are delicious, low in calories, and will keep you full for a while. 


Not sure what to eat for breakfast on the go? How about some yogurt mixed with fruits, granola, or seeds? Any combination you like will work.