Here’s How to Know if You Have a Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage can tell a lot about how healthy you are. So many people will say that the lower, the better, but that doesn’t really apply in this case. People who have extremely low levels of body fat can face a number of health issues. Going over the limits is not healthy in any way or form as well. Here’s how you can know whether your numbers are within the good range.

The body fat percentage for men and women is not the same. In other words, ladies do have higher numbers, even when they are very fit because they need it for their bodies to properly function. These numbers help with the good health of the reproductive system. If your numbers are 21-33% when you’re 20-39 years, that sounds great. In the next two decades, the scale goes from 23% to 35%. And finally, from 60 to 79 years, these numbers should be between 24% and 36%.

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For men, you will notice that the numbers go significantly lower. From 20 to 39 years your body fat percentage should be between 8% and 20%. During the following two decades you can vary from 11% to 22%. And, men from 60 to 75 years can vary 13% to 25% body fat.

Lower and higher levels of body fat can be dangerous, so with a proper lifestyle, a healthy diet, and a good fitness regimen you’ll be able to keep them normal.