Here’s How You Can Benefit From Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is one of the most underrated ways in which you can help your body heal. All those needles sure look scary, but it’s a pain-free therapy that offers so many benefits. Here’s why you should try it, even if you work out only a few times per week.

Improved Blood Flow

Those tiny needles inserted in your body really stimulate blood flow. They make the blood vessels dilate, which means better blood flow and faster healing.

Energy Boost

We all struggle with a lack of energy and feeling worn out. Acupuncture boosts energy levels in the most natural way. This therapy balances out your whole body and the nervous system, leading to extra energy shortly after the treatment.

Reduced Stress

Being poked with needles doesn’t sound relaxing, but you’ll be surprised to hear that it really is. It lowers the levels of stress hormones, helping you feel calmer and more refreshed.

Faster Recovery

It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from joint or muscle pain, acupuncture can help you heal faster. The needles make tiny pokes and injuries in the tissues, stimulating the response of the body and promoting fast recovery. Forget about pills, this is a natural way to deal with pain.

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The ‘elevens’ that drive people to botox can actually be lifted and smoothed with facial acupuncture. These tiny intradermal needles help lift the lines out from below and build collagen to smooth the skin. 🦋 . . Did you know there’s more to erasing these lines than a quick fix? I explore why you have them in the first place and treat the root cause. After all, if you got them from being full on stressed, botox is not going to make you more relaxed, but acupuncture will. 🦋 . . Squint inducers are different for everyone, but here are a few common causes: changing vision | allergies | light sensitivity | habit | liver (tcm) | stress . . Noticing is a great first step – become aware of when you make this face. Not sure? Place a mirror where if you glanced towards it during the day, you see your reflection. You’ll be surprised how many times you look up to see a face full of stress and tension. If you’re at home, put a little piece of tape on the area. When you squint, you’ll feel it crunch up a bit. Now you know – ah, I squint when I read emails, when I talk to my kids, when I look at my phone, when I go outside, when I’m listening carefully to someone. Dig a little deeper and you might find you squint when you disagree with someone. 👀 . . Acupuncture reinforces the shift towards smoothing them out by soothing the liver (in tcm terms), reducing stress, helping with vision, reducing allergies, sensitivity and headaches. Sometimes an herbal formula is added to the mix, usually to help manage stress. I then work on the lines with facial cupping and guasha, along with nourishing skincare. You also get instructions on how to work on the lines at home with guasha. 💕 . . I encourage you to try acupuncture for your lines as a holistic approach – you’ll be less stressed, more balanced, better able to cope, with healthier skin – no negative side effects. And you look like the best version of you. 🙏🏼 . . . #acupuncture #facial acupuncture #wrinkles #cosmeticacupuncture #elevens #holistichealth #chinesemedicine #herbalmedicine #facialguasha #facialcupping #austintexas #nobotox #botoxalternative #aginggracefully #organicskincare #austintexas #acupuncturist #stress

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