Here’s Why You Should Introduce More Barley Into Your Diet

Barley is not just a cereal good for bulking out meals and filling your stomach; it has a number of surprisingly impressive health benefits. Here are five reasons that you should be eating more barley.

Excellent Source of Fiber

Barley is one of the best sources of fiber in the whole grain family. Just one cup of barley has six grams of fiber, which will aid your digestive system and increase your energy levels.

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Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Barley contains a number of B vitamins that can improve the immune and nervous systems, aid digestion, raise energy levels, and enhance brain activity. It also has minerals such as iron and phosphorous, which can promote healthy bones and teeth.

High in Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are simply chemicals found in plants. While we know less about these chemicals than we do about vitamins and minerals, scientists think that they might help prevent illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

May Protect Against Heart Disease

Barley contains phytochemicals called flavonoids. Particularly prominent in blue and purple barley grains, flavonoids are thought to protect us against heart disease.

Might Protect Against Stroke

Another phytochemical that barley contains is tocol. It has been reported that this chemical can help prevent strokes.