Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Post-Workout Cool-Down

Man stretching
Photo by Michael DeMoya on Unsplash

By now we’re sure you’ve heard about how important warm-ups are before workouts, but what about cool-downs after workouts? Post-workout cool-downs are just as crucial and they should be part of every exercise session. Skipping them isn’t doing your body any favors. Here’s why post-workout cool-downs should be part of your workout routine.

Control Post-Workout Blood Flow

Exercise gets your blood flowing, so abruptly stopping can cause your blood pressure to rapidly drop, making you feel light-headed. Not only can you feel dizzy, but you’re also at risk of fainting.

Slows Down Heart Rate

During a workout, your internal body temperature rises, which means your blood vessels are dialed and your heart’s beating faster than usual. After a workout, you need to bring down your heart rate safely.

Prevents Injuries

Stretching and cooling down after a workout can prevent injuries like sprains, strains, and tears. Stretching, foam rolling, and mobility exercises are great recovery tools that help prevent injuries.

Increases Flexibility

The ideal time to work on your flexibility is when your body is warm and you’re breaking a sweat. Dynamic stretches can increase your flexibility and mobility while preventing muscle tears, joint issues, and back pain.