Homesquat is Instagram’s No. 1 Source of Glute Workouts

If you use Instagram as your main source of fitness inspiration, you’re probably always searching for the perfect page to follow that will help you with your workouts. It’s difficult to keep up since there are plenty of good ones, but here’s an amazing one—homesquat

This page already has 1.7 million followers who used it to find exactly the right workout, but what makes it so great? It’s a source of free exercise videos, you get free advice, and you save time and money instead of paying an expensive gym membership.

There are so many videos that show you the right way to do leg and glute exercises, stay in shape, and be healthy. You can also find a lot of photos demonstrating the right and wrong way to squat which is very important, especially for gym beginners.

Many professionals on the page are presenting workouts as fun and motivating, as they train with their friends, babies, partners, and pets. Use their videos to correct the posture of your body, get the proper equipment, and enjoy and have fun while working out.