How To Build Your Upper Chest For Any Fitness Level

Photo by GMB Monkey on Unsplash

If your trying to build your upper chest, push-ups and some push-up variations are a good option. The push-up is an exercise that works your whole upper body along with your abs if done properly. As always make sure to warm up with light stretching and cardio before any workout.

Old Faithful

The first type of push-up you should do is just a normal everyday regular push-up. A regular push-up is done at a neutral angle and works your whole chest. If you are a beginner, to prevent muscle imbalances, you’re going to want to do a lot of these before you even think of going into different movements to isolate muscles. Once you start to see your whole chest developing, you can move on to isolating muscles.

The Decline

A good way to isolate your upper chest is the decline pushup. This is an intermediate level push-up and shouldn’t be too hard for someone in shape. To perform decline push-ups, get into push-up position and then put your legs on a chair or some other elevated object. This position puts more pressure on your upper chest muscles as well as the clavicle, so be careful if you have shoulder issues.

Get Your Pikes Out

If you feel you are truly at an advanced level as far as overall strength goes, you can try pike push-ups. When doing pike push-ups, you elevate your hips above your head and perform the push motion while perpendicular to the ground. This version of the push-up provides more range of motion but is also very hard to do and not recommended for beginners. If you do think you’re ready for pike push-ups you will likely want to start off with doing them with the aid of a wall, Bosu ball, or box, then progress to doing them with no assistance.