How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat

If yoga is your thing, then investing in a good yoga mat is a must. But how do you know if you have chosen the perfect one? Keep on reading, because we present to you three great tips that will help you buy your perfect yoga mat.

Type of Yoga

It’s very important to know which type of yoga you prefer because it can affect what kind of mat you should purchase.

If you are a beginner, it’s okay to buy a less high-quality mat. Why invest in an expensive one, when you might discover that yoga isn’t your thing at all?

For flow yoga classes, you should buy a mat with more traction to keep your arms and legs in place. If yin classes are your thing, then you will need a soft, cushy mat. Hot yoga is a new thing, which needs a mat specifically designed for it.

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Your Body Type

Have in mind your body type when looking for a yoga mat. For example, if your joints get sore easily, you may need a thicker mat. Also, you should consider your injuries as well. Are you tall or short? Keep your height in mind, too.

Where You are Doing Yoga

If you doing yoga outside of the home, then you may want to purchase a mat you can carry around easily. The same goes for weight as well. Buy a lighter one if you are traveling a lot.