How to Clean Your Home Workout Equipment

Woman exercising with a kettlebell
Photo by CHU Gummies on Unsplash

The pandemic made at-home workouts more popular than ever, and it seems like the habit is here to stay. Part of the fun of home exercise is that you don’t touch or smell stranger’s sweat. But to maintain that hygienic feeling, you shouldn’t neglect cleaning your own workout equipment. Here’s how often you should be doing it.

Yoga Mats

Wipe down your yoga mat briefly after every practice with a cleaning wipe or a spray cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry before rolling up your mat. Once a month or so, give your mat a deeper clean, by placing it in a basin, submerge it in warm, soapy water and give it a good scrub.

Free and Standing Weights

The way to clean free or standing weights is very similar to a yoga mat—spritz them with cleaning spray and wipe them dry. If you share them with someone, it’s essential that you do so after every practice.

Cardio Machines

When cleaning machines like treadmills, bikes, or ellipticals, focus on high touch spots. particularly handles, screens and seats. It’s best to do it after every workout, but once a week will also suffice. Double-check the machine is unplugged before you clean it.

Resistance Bands

The easiest way to clean resistance bands is by submerging them in a bucket of warm, soapy water, scrubbing them, and letting them air dry. Do so once a week, or whenever you feel they could use that deep clean.