How to Dress to Go Running in Cold Weather

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

Serious runners like to run in all weather to keep their skill level up and to feel that awesome running high all year long. But if you’re starting to become more serious, you’re probably wondering, “how am I supposed to do this during the winter?” Here we’ll outline some tips for dressing right so that you can continue your running journey even when the wind turns chilly!


In most cases, layers are the name of the game. You’ll want a base layer of a long-sleeve shirt and tights, as well as warm wool socks or thermal socks and possibly a vest as well. On top of that, wear a warm windbreaker, or a running coat that’s wind-resistant. In very cold weather, you may need a middle layer to add more warmth, as well as a hat, scarf, and gloves. 


When choosing material, be cautious of cotton. It can get wet with sweat and cling to your body, so it’s best to choose synthetic fibers or wool when dressing. Staying dry will help you stay warmer. You can also find plenty of clothing made specifically for running in cold weather, which is a great investment if you will be running a lot.


Before leaving the house, be sure to check all aspects of the weather including “feels like” temperature, wind chill, humidity, and of course, precipitation. If it’s going to be wet or icy out, make sure your shoes have lots of traction or are even made for walking on ice, because it can get slippery and dangerous. And if you don’t have the right apparel to stay warm and safe, consider finding a gym with a treadmill instead.