How to Get Over a Weight-Loss Plateau

You’ve been dieting and leading a healthy lifestyle for months, but recently the weight doesn’t seem to be coming off. You’re still eating well and working out and you’ve lost a lot of weight for a while. But, recently it seems like you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau. Here’s how to overcome it.

Adjust Your Calorie Intake

When you lose weight, your metabolism drops because your body doesn’t require as many calories to fuel you. The calorie intake you initially had when you started your journey needs to be adjusted to match your body’s current weight loss needs.

Switch Up Your Routine

If you’ve been hitting the treadmill hard over the past few months, it’s time to try something new. Your muscles have become familiar with the same workout and your routine is less effective. Try HIIT or a boot camp class at the gym to help burn body fat.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is important to losing body fat because it resets your hormones. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased cortisol, a stress hormone, which leads to body fat accumulation.

Keep an Eye on Your Caloric Needs

Many people overestimate the calories they burn during exercise and the calories they eat. Each extra bite can add up and you should be eating quality foods and lots of protein. Start by calculating your caloric needs with a basal metabolic calculator to see how many calories you’d burn a day if you do nothing. Then, subtract the approximate number of calories burned during each activity.

Stay Hydrated

We often crave food when were are dehydrated, so make sure you drink around two liters of water a day and if you’re exercising even more.