How to Get the Most From Your Workouts

Working out should be a major part of your weekly routine, it not only keeps you healthy it really helps your mental health. Doing exercise actually builds or maintains muscle mass as you lose weight and keeps your metabolism working. For that hour in the gym, on the court, or in the pool you want to make sure every minute counts. Here is how you can really benefit and lose more weight with each workout.

Choose an Activity You Enjoy

If you don’t love what you are doing you will not work as hard and you’ll be more likely to stop after a few tries. Choose something you know that you enjoy and can endure—this will push you to work harder and be more consistent.

Take a Rest Day

Working out every day can overstress your body and this, in turn, can lead to an injury or exhaustion. Weight loss takes time and you need those recovery days to help you reach your goals. Take a full day out of your routine for some stretching or just chilling on the sofa.

Embrace the Weights

Weightlifting burns more calories than doing cardio and you will build more muscle. Most people are afraid of lifting weights and stick to what they know, but once you get the technique right you can get amazing results from a weight workout.

Forget About the Scale

Stepping on the scales after you have worked so hard all week doesn’t always show you the numbers you want to see. Here’s the deal—you have shed fat, but you have also built muscle so the numbers might not go down. Focus on what you can see and how your clothes feel.