How to Know When You’ve Recovered From an Injury

Sports injury
Photo by Eagle Media Pro on Unsplash

We’ve all been through injuries that were annoying and sometimes downright painful to recover from. It can sometimes seem as though we’ll never recover, and those moments of doubt can be truly heartbreaking. But don’t you worry, because more often than not the sun is just beyond the horizon. A recovery is in your near future, and here’s how to know that it’s finally time.

Respect the Process

The first thing that’s important to ask yourself is: what are your goals once you’ve recovered? For instance, if you’ve sprained your ankle badly, the road to walking again looks a lot different than the road to jumping again or running again. It’s crucial that you temper your expectations in parallel to the actual goal that you’re hoping to ultimately achieve.

When You Start to Forget

Think of every time you’ve ever recovered from an injury. What did the recovery feel like? It’s likely that you, like many others, would respond that the recovery felt like “nothing”. Funnily enough, that’s the essence of a proper recovery—when you start to forget that you were even injured in the first place! The second you have to remind yourself, “Oh yeah… I remember when this used to hurt me”—you’re usually good to go.