How to Make the Perfect Protein Shake

If you are bored of the same, bland protein shakes you drink after every workout, maybe it’s time for a change. Here is a list of tips to changing up your protein shake.

Use a Good Quality Blender

Invest in a good quality blender. It might be expensive, but it will do the job and last you a long time. Always keep in mind: the stronger the blender, the better.

Don’t Forget the Veggies

Adding vegetables into your smoothie adds nutrition and fiber. Spinach, celery, and cucumber are great choices. Ginger and parsley are perfect for soothing your stomach.

Invest in Good Quality Protein Powder

When buying a protein powder, always check the ingredients. Look for the ones that are 100 percent whey, egg-white, or casein protein. Also, choose one that’s low in carbohydrates.

Always Have Frozen Fruits In Your Freezer

Frozen fruits usually have more nutrition that the fresh fruit.