How to Stop Fear of Judgment from Sabotaging Your Workouts

Gym tips
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Working out in a group isn’t always an easy feat, especially if you’re extremely self-aware. There are times when you may feel like all eyes are on you, but there are ways to combat your fear of judgment and give it your all at the gym.

Supportive Environment

Exercising in a group setting can be extremely stressful if you surround yourself with the wrong people. If you’re surrounded by supportive trainers and class participants, it’s less likely that you’ll feel like all eyes are on you. Check if you can attend a free trial class before getting a membership at a new gym to figure out if the vibe is right.

Proper Preparation

If you find unfamiliar situations anxiety-inducing, try working out on your own before joining group classes. You can familiarize yourself with common moves and exercises in the comfort of your home or hire a personal trainer to guide you through the process.

Positive Mindset

A lot of people face the fear of being judged by others because they’re already judging themselves. If you have a habit of being your own harshest critic, try being a little bit kinder to yourself. A positive mindset goes a long way and it will remind you that you’re simply trying your best to achieve your fitness goals, just like everyone else.