How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Not Working Out

Whatever your fitness habits were like before March 2020, they likely changed due to the pandemic and it’s not the time to feel guilty about it. If you were a regular at the gym, many of them closed and if you enjoyed a group sport, your training was canceled. Whatever you did before, it’s likely you can’t do it anymore, but feeling guilty about it is not the way to go.

“The quarantine has caused a massive shakeup in many of your regular routines and health habits,” psychologist and therapist Sheava Zadeh, Ph.D. told Shape. “It is so easy to fall into a lethargic mood each day as you wait around to get back to your normal busy lifestyle.”

She explains that humans thrive on routine and losing the routine can lead to emotional issues. When that happens, you need to give yourself time to build new routines and guilt won’t help you in the process.

Understand that what’s currently happening in the world is out of your control and start thinking about ways to control the things in your life that you can. There are activities you can do now so try out a few and see if they’re a good fit. Take extra care of your mental health and be gentle towards yourself as you’re building new habits and routines.