How to Use Your Natural Surroundings For a Fitness Routine

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Sometimes you just want to get outside! If you’re nowhere near a gym or you really enjoy being out in nature and want to use your workout time to enjoy the nature in your area, you may want to start using that nature to your athletic advantage! Here are a few ideas to get you started on a workout using your natural surroundings.


If you live near a forest—or in fact, even if you have a good, sturdy tree near you with branches low to the ground, you can experience the benefits of tree climbing! Some experts say tree-climbing is a full-body workout and it can build muscle much like rock climbing. Additionally, you can use a sturdy, low-handing branch as a pullup bar if you don’t have one in your home.


If you live near a beach, or in fact any sandy area, you can up your running game by running along the sand. The lighter resistance that sand provides means you have to push harder to go just as far, making it a stellar way to train and build muscle and endurance.


Mountains provide a wealth of activities that are awesome for your body. You can get into hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and more! If you live near a mountain, find out what kind of hiking trails are available first and foremost—then you may feel like learning more, such as if there are any opportunities to climb, rappel, or camp.