Your Dog Can Double as Your Workout Buddy

We know what you were thinking. How can I get my dog involved in my daily workout? Here are some ideas!

Take Your Dog On A Hike

Spending time in the great outdoors is a great way to relax and reflect by yourself, but it’s even better when you have a companion. Take your dog-friend out with you to get moving and give both of you some exercise.

Run Stairs

Go to a park, school, or other location with a large set of stairs, generally avoiding bleachers because of their confined space. Run up and down the stairs and have your dog do the same while heeling by your side. Take 30-60 second breaks in between each and have water ready as this exercise will get your heart rate up quickly.

Train Your Dog and Your Body

Pick two spots about 15 to 25 feet apart and mark them using a cone. Start by walking with your dog to spot 1, then to spot 2, announcing “spot” and having your dog sit at each mark. Do this for about 10 rounds and gradually increase your speed each time until you reach a sprint. This exercise will serve as a good warm up for you and as an excellent training exercise for your canine.

Turn Fetch Into A Race

Take a classic like playing fetch with your dog and turn it into a workout for the both of you. Find a grassy or dirt area that is relatively flat and a ball or other toy your dog plays fetch with. Just like normal, throw the ball for your dog to chase after, but follow by sprinting and seeing who gets there first.