If You Walk for 30 Minutes Every Day, These Things Will Happen

Photo by Javier García on Unsplash

Be honest for a moment: how much time a day you spend mindlessly scrolling through social media? If you’re like most people, that’s at least 30 minutes. Here’s what would happen if you spent those 30 minutes going for a walk.

You’ll Burn 150 Calories

Of course, this depends on your weight and walking speed, but you can count on burning around 150 calories in every half-hour session. That’s enough for a small guilt-free dessert after lunch!


Walking will help you calm down and focus on things you should be doing, so it’s a great way to spend time prior to an important project.

You’ll Improve Digestion

The worst thing you can do after a big meal is to take a nap. Going for a walk will help keep your blood sugar stable and improve your digestive tract.