Is Cold-Pressed Juice Worth Trying?

Now that everyone’s talking about cold-pressed juice you’re probably wondering if this is just another trend or something worth trying.

What Is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Now, let’s turn to the most important question: what is cold-pressed juice? Is it like the regular juice we all make at home? Well, not really. The term cold-pressed describes a technique that uses a press to extract the maximum amount of juice out of the fruits and vegetables that you’re using.

Is It Just A Hype?

There is a thing you need to know about this technique before you decide whether you want to splurge your money. This juice is only good for a few days because it shouldn’t go through the process of pasteurization. Brands that sell it use a different method to make the product last longer.

The price point is definitely higher than other types of juices, and it’s true that you get a little bit more from this drink. But, the truth is that no technique out there can compare to actually eating raw vegetables and fruits, so that should be your first choice. Juices fail to provide you with the same amount of fiber found in raw fruits and veggies and are often high in sugar.