Is it Really So Bad to Eat Late at Night?

Eating at night
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels

You may have heard that eating late at night is harmful to your health. Proponents of the Circadian Rhythm Diet suggest that you shouldn’t eat for at least a few hours before hitting the sack. But is a midnight snack every now and again really so bad? Let’s find out.

The Problems With Late Night Eating

Nutritionists suggest that late night eating is not great for our metabolism, digestive system or sleep. Late night eating is associated with higher blood sugar, insomnia, hormone fluctuations and metabolic syndrome.

How to Beat Those Late Night Cravings

If you find yourself always hungry before bed, you might not be eating enough high quality nutrients in the day time. Be sure to get plenty of whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and fruits and veggies. Stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and keep yourself nourished between meals with healthy snacks.

The Best Late Night Snacks

If you’re really hungry before bed and you just have to snack, try eating almonds, cherries, plain yogurt, warm milk or kiwi. All of these foods contain nutrients like magnesium and tryptophan which are associated with better sleep.

And just remember, a late night pizza or fries before bed isn’t the end of the world – just try not to make it a regular habit.