Is Racing Cars a Workout?

Photo by Wes Tindel on Unsplash

We don’t generally think of everyday driving as a sport. Which means when we think about racecar drivers, we probably compare the physical fitness level you’d need to drive those cars to our own experiences of driving. So, is car racing a workout? Here’s our answer.

The simple answer is yes, of course, it is. For one thing, race car drivers are faced with an incredible amount of G-force as they race in circles around the track. That force bears down on their neck and shoulders, requiring both upper body strength and core strength to combat. Additionally, a strong core and glutes are required for the balance it takes to sit up straight and tight, especially since they must wear several layers of heavy fireproof clothes.

Another way car racing burns tons of calories is through the monumental concentration it requires, as well as heat resistance. Cockpit temperatures can reach 40 degrees above the outside temperature, making for dehydration through sweating as well as higher heart rates which can be considered cardio.

To train like a race car driver, there are a number of great exercises. The top thing to try is resistance training, especially for your upper body. You’ll also want to work on your core using stability exercises and don’t forget to stretch for warmup and cooldown!