Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Cook More? Here’s How

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Is your New Year’s resolution to spend more time cooking healthy meals at home? It can be difficult if you’re not sure where to begin, but these three steps will help you create a routine.

Meal Plan

The key is to create a realistic meal plan. With it, you won’t have to think about cooking and whether you have everything you need—you can just do it! You can make a meal plan for the week, then go grocery shopping on a day that works best for you, and enjoy it for the rest of the week knowing that you have everything you need at home.

Meal Prep

There are many ways to make cooking easier using meal prep. Some people cook for the whole week over the weekend and freeze the separate meals, while others chop the vegetables and prep the ingredients in other ways so they can cook fresh food daily but do it faster. Another option is to cook the grains in advance and only add fresh meat and veggies every day.


Now that you have everything ready, cooking is much easier than you imagined it. Your fridge and pantry are stocked, you have all the staples ready, so making a fresh meal can easily take much less time than a delivery would take to get to your door. There are officially no more excuses!