Jessamyn Stanley Proves That There is No Such Thing as Yoga a Body

For Jessamyn Stanley yoga is life. Her journey began in fall 2011 when she started practicing Bikram yoga semi-regularly, however, only two years later, in 2013 she began doing yoga on a daily bases. Now a yoga teacher who travels the world to teach classes, Stanley is also a body positivity advocate and author living in Durham, North Carolina.

By writing her book called Every Body Yoga, she proves that there is no such thing as a yoga body. In her classes she also encourages her students to ask themselves “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?” when practicing yoga.

Stanley shares her yoga journey on her yoga lifestyle blog and Instagram profile where she has attracted over 402 thousand followers. According to the yoga teacher, she loves documenting her home yoga practice.

“My favorite yoga studio is located in my living room,” Stanley shared on her personal website. “It consists of my yoga mat, a few upcycled props, and my Samsung Galaxy tablet which plays music if I’m doing my own flow or classes via When I go to outside classes, I usually prefer hot, vinyasa, or power flow yoga.”