Jessamyn Stanley’s Inclusive Yoga Collective Will Help You Love Your Body

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but feel like you don’t have the right body or lifestyle for it, Jessmyn Stanley is here to help. Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga practitioner, entrepreneur, teacher, and author with a mission to make yoga accessible, inclusive, and joyful.

The Beyonce of Yoga

The self-styled ‘Beyonce of Yoga’, Jessamyn Stanley is an amazing leader in the world of wellness. Disrupting the norm of thin, white bodies as the only acceptable bodies in the wellness/fitness industry, Jessamyn will help you to find self-love, self-acceptance, and a yoga practice that works for YOU.

The Underbelly

The Underbelly is Jessamyn’s yoga video subscription service where you can find more than 100 yoga, breathwork, meditation, and wellness classes. Through these inclusive classes, Jessamyn reminds us that ‘yoga is about learning how to see the light inside yourself, pairing that light with movement, and letting it shine’.

Nude Yoga

As part of her pioneering work eradicating shame in the yoga industry, Jessamyn Stanley teaches nude yoga classes through OnlyFans. Here she offers a chance to get technical with anatomy during different yoga poses and encourages you to embrace every part of yourself.