Lily Rabe Explains How She Fell in Love with Weight Training

Cardio vs. weight training is one of the never-ending debates in the world of fitness, and American Horror Story star Lily Rabe recently switched sides. After years of thinking that cardio is all she needs, she pushed herself to new limits by discovering the beauty of weight training.

Rabe found herself turning to strength training while preparing for the role in the upcoming series Tell Me Your Secrets. This shift in her fitness routine taught her to stop thinking about how many pounds she can weigh and focus on how many pounds she can lift instead.

“Cardio is such a wonderful part of working out, but I was misinformed in terms of always thinking it should be front and center. I don’t think I weighed myself at any point of it, and that was such a wonderful thing,” Rabe told Shape.

Celebrity trainer Johnny Fontana helped the 38-year-old actress prepare for her latest role, and he was impressed by her commitment. Free weights, battle ropes, sleds, and pull-ups were an essential part of her workout routine, and she would always keep on going, even after getting blisters from too many deadlifts because she saw them as a point of pride.