Looking for Health and Fitness Goal Inspiration for 2021? Take Note of Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell at the People's Choice Awards in 2018. Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock (9973920dh)

We couldn’t be happier that 2020 is over and now that we’re heading into 2021, it’s time to start new fitness and health goals. Shay Mitchell just shared her health and fitness goals for 2021 and you can learn a thing or two from them. So what are her five goals?

Goal 1: Eat Healthier

The Pretty Little Liars star is shown munching on broccoli and carrots while pepperoni pizza just sits on her counter. Oh, the self-control she has! Mitchell is all about eating both the veggies and the pizza.

Goal 2: Focus on Strength

Mitchell shared a clip doing intense moves like crossover knee highs, squat jumps, step-ups, and burpees with reverse lunges.

Goal 3: Rely on Accountability Partner

When she needs some extra motivation to stay committed, Mitchell plans on relying on an accountability partner. The actress works out with her friend Stephanie Shepherd to give her that extra push to exercise.

Goal 4: Be More Mentally Present

In 2021, Mitchell is aiming to be more mentally present by checking in with her friends and family more often and limiting her screen time.

Goal 5: Less Screen Time

Her last goal is to have less screen time and to stay in the present moment. Mitchell takes an hour or so each day to unplug from her phone, and she uses yoga to relax and forget what’s going on around her.