Low-Impact Workouts Are All the Rage on YouTube Right Now

Image via Pamela Reif/YouTube

As home workouts became the new normal, YouTube’s leading influencers realized that some of the people tuning in for the videos can’t keep up with their high intensity. Many of them are currently trying to make their videos more beginner-friendly and sharing low-impact workouts with the world.

Heather Robertson

Robertson’s channel has something for everyone, from HIIT to Tabata, but she recently started putting a focus on low-impact workouts.  

Pamela Reif

Reif puts a lot of effort into making sure that her workout videos are suitable for beginners, and that’s one of the main reasons behind her enormous popularity. One of her most recent low-impact workouts can be done in just 15 minutes, and it includes no jumping and no squats.


MadFit is one of YouTube’s most versatile fitness channels, and it’s constantly keeping up with the latest trends. Just like Reif’s low-impact workout, this one only lasts about 15 minutes, and most of the exercises can be done laying down.

Growing Annanas

If you don’t mind doing squats and lunges, but jumping jacks simply aren’t your thing, this is the workout you need. No jumping is included, but some of the exercises have to be performed standing up, adding variety to your routine.