Lululemon Steps into the Beauty World With Gym-Friendly Skincare Line

Lululemon has been one of our favorite activewear brands for years, and they’re constantly expanding their reach. The Canadian company is stepping into the world of beauty with their new skincare line.

Lululemon Self Care collection features a total of four products – no-show dry shampoo, anti-stink deodorant, face moisturizer, and a basic balm. In addition to being available for purchase online and at their sales points across North America, Lululemon’s new line can also be found on Sephora’s official website.

This collection was a long time coming, and Lululemon tried their best to create a series of gym-friendly skincare products, which will allow you to go back to your daily routine after a demanding sweat session at the gym.

“Years in the making, Lululemon Self Care is here to start solving sweaty problems and we’re just getting started. Made with good, clean ingredients and tested on athletes – not animals – all of our solutions are designed to get you quickly from sweaty to ready,” reads the official statement by the brand.