MadFit Will Help You Take Your Warm-Up Routine to New Heights

The warm-up should be an essential part of your workout routine, and fitness vlogger Maddie Lymburner is constantly stressing its importance. We’re bringing you some of the best warm-up routines from her YouTube channel MadFit, worth incorporating into your workouts.

Five-Minute Warm-Up

Designed with beginners in mind, this short full-body warm-up routine includes a series of dynamic moves and stretches that you can use to prepare for pretty much any workout.

Five-Minute Warm-Up (No Jumping)

If you’re looking for a warm-up you can add to your routine when working out from home, this five-minute video will be your cup of tea. It’s an apartment-friendly, low-impact workout that doesn’t include any jumping moves.

Leg Day Warm-Up

If you’re one of those people who are dreading leg days, consider doing proper warm-ups to make them a little more bearable. Prepare your body for what’s to come with this short warm-up and your next leg day will be much more enjoyable.

Upper Body Warm-Up

Another warm-up routine designed with a specific fitness routine in mind, this five-minute upper body workout will help you warm up your core and shoulders and do some dynamic stretching.