MadFit Will Rock Your World With Her Amazing Challenges

Unlike most popular YouTube fitness influencers, Maddie Lymburner isn’t relying solely on challenges to keep her channel engaging, but she enjoys sharing them every once in a while. Check out three of the best challenges that she has in store on her channel MadFit.

500 Rep Ab Challenge

Ab challenges are all the rage on YouTube right now and MadFit couldn’t resist creating her own. She’ll help you get a shredded six pack with her intense 500-rep ab challenge, which features a wide range of ab exercises that you can perform at home with no equipment.

100 Rep Squat Challenge

MadFit shared several squat challenges with the world over the years, but this one is the perfect starting point. The workout is just five-minutes-long, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not intense. It features many different squat variations, from regular squats to sumo squats with a rise and narrow squats.

7 Min Plank Challenge

MadFit’s plank challenge isn’t about how many reps you can do, but about how long you can handle holding a plank. This workout is seven-minute long and it features several different variations of planks that will keep your whole body engaged.