Mary Braun Will Rock Your World With Her Positive and Fun Approach to Working Out

YouTube is home to more amazing fitness influencers than we can count and it’s always fun to stumble upon another one. Mary Braun is one of the biggest rising stars on this platform, and she’ll win you over with her positive approach to working out.

Braun’s YouTube channel has been around for about two years and she already attracted over 350,000 subscribers. She describes herself as a fitness trainer, yoga specialist, and mindset mentor. She’s a member of Lilly Sabri’s Lean workout community, where she shares her workout programs with the world.

Braun’s YouTube channel is filled with short and sweet videos, and she’s on a mission to be your visual personal and mindset trainer and push you through effective, fun, and powerful workouts.

“The results are unbelievable amazing and my purpose is to push you towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier life. My workouts, guides, and positive way of living a healthy lifestyle will make you feel the best you’ve ever felt and will give you more confidence, self-love, and happiness,” explains Braun in her “About Me” section on YouTube.

Her workout videos received millions of views so far, so head to her channel to discover what all the fuss is about and find your next favorite workout.