Meet ElliptiGO; the Elliptical Bicycle Approved by J. Lo

Are stationary bike and the elliptical trainer two of your favorite pieces of gym equipment, and you often struggle to pick between the two? If that’s the case, you should try ElliptiGO–a stand-up elliptical bicycle that combines these two machines into one.

ElliptiGO was founded in 2008, but it experiences a surge in popularity since Jennifer Lopez was spotted riding one of their bikes last week. She’s always been known for her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s not difficult to see why she loves this practical machine.

ElliptiGO bikes became a huge hit with passionate gym-goers because they combine the motion of indoor elliptical trainers with the outdoor mobility of traditional bicycles. If riding a bicycle simple isn’t physically demanding enough for you, these bikes will give you a much more effective workout.

ElliptiGO SUBs are the most popular model, and they usually start at around $800. This company also offers long-stride elliptical bikes and compact-stride elliptical bikes, which seems to be the model that J. Lo opted for.