Mindfulness Activities to Create Calm

Nature walk
Photo by Leo on Unsplash

When the stressors of life begin to take a toll, mindfulness can help us find clarity and calm. One of the most common ways to practice mindfulness involves meditation, but for some people, sitting on a cushion and focusing on their breath is easier said than done. If you can relate, know that your mindfulness practice doesn’t have to take any particular form. There are plenty of mindfulness-based activities you can use to achieve tranquility instead. Here are a few we especially love.


Coloring isn’t just for kids—it’s a great practice for grownups looking to relax and be creative as well. Pick up an adult coloring book or print out pages online, then put on some music and get into the zone as you fill in the pictures. Focusing all of your attention on the lines and colors will keep your mind in the present moment and allow you to cultivate a sense of mental clarity. 

Nature Walks

Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help us to be more present and evoke a sense of inner peace. Head to your local park, forest, or beach—anywhere you feel called, and take a leisurely walk. Be mindful of the sights and sounds around you, noticing any sensations that arise within your body as you go.


When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, writing is one of the best ways to process your thoughts and emotions. Choose a special journal that you can dedicate specifically to your mindfulness practice, then dedicate some time each day to get all of your feelings down on paper. We especially recommend taking a free-form approach to allow space for full and authentic self-expression.