Non-Music Content to Consume While Working Out

Phone and workout
Photo by Ilias Chebbi on Unsplash

When working out, it’s common for people to listen to music. The way that music interacts with our brains can be incredibly motivating, especially when we’re low on energy and desperately need a boost. The thing is, it’s not just music that can be helpful in these moments. There are countless forms of content that we can listen to (or watch) while working out, and here’s what they are.


Podcasts have grown considerably in popularity over the last decade. Whether you like listening to politics, popular chefs, music discussion forums, or anything else for that matter, podcasts can be a great way to pass the time while exercising.

TV Shows/Movies

If you’re at home and can easily view your television or laptop while you’re working out, watching a film or series is another great form of content to consume. If you’re able to stay focused while watching your favorite show, all the power to you.


Another audible form of media that’s grown in popularity is audiobooks. For those who love the content within books but prefer listening over reading, audiobooks are a great way to consume entertainment. And they’re also a great thing you can listen to while working out.