One Tiny Change That Took Victoria Beckham’s Workouts to the Next Level

Victoria Beckham People's Choice Awards in 2018
Victoria Beckham People's Choice Awards in 2018. Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock (9974034hh)

It’s impossible to remember a time when Victoria Beckham wasn’t in amazing shape, but she sometimes struggles with her workouts as much as the rest of us. After failing to make progress at the gym, she made one important fix that completely changed everything.

After years of committing to long workout sessions, the former Spice Girl came to learn that more doesn’t always mean better. She embraced the “quality over quantity” approach, and this made all the difference, according to her trainer Bobby Rich.

“It was becoming apparent to her that the benefits from her own training routines had become minimal… An important point I wanted her to understand is that a 35-minute session can at times be more beneficial than a 90-minute session,” Rich told Women’s Health.

After years of being a loyal fan of cardio and working out up to two hours a day, Beckham decided to add some weight training to the mix. Rich revealed she was a little bit hesitant at first because she feared becoming too bulky, but her concerns were short-lived.

Judging by her social media posts, the British fashion designer is truly loving the change. Beckham shared a behind-the-scenes look at her workouts on her Instagram stories on several occasions, and she truly seems to be enjoying her newfound love for weight training.