Outdoor Activities You Can Do Into September

September is the last month of summer and the time when the weather finally stops being unbearably hot. It allows you to plan more activities outside, and it’s the perfect time to replace boring workouts in the gym with these fun outdoor activities. Here are three things that we like to do outside once September comes. Use them as ideas for your own late summer fun!

Long Walks

September is a great time to go on long walks and explore the place where you live. You can head to the nearest park or plan a day outside of the city. Speed walking is just as great as hiking in nature and they can effectively replace your time on the treadmill.

Apple Picking

Apple picking can be an amazing family activity, especially if you have small children. Kids just love being outside and doing something new, so if they’ve never experienced the joys of apple picking, you can take them this September.

Go Swimming

If there is a place where you can go swimming and the weather allows it, make sure to use the opportunity now that there aren’t crowds anymore. Late summer swimming is very special and you can create memories to last a lifetime.