Pamela Reif Will Rock Your World With Intense Chair Workout

Image via Pamela Reif/YouTube

Pamela Reif’s workout videos are a gift that keeps on giving, and she’s constantly coming up with new ways to take them to the next level. One of her latest workout videos will convince you to use a chair as a piece of equipment to get amazing results.

In a YouTube description of her chair workout, Reif explains it can make some exercises easier, but its main purpose is to make them harder. By using a chair as elevation for our feet, standard exercises such as spider planks and side planks suddenly become much more intense.

It also comes in handy that a chair helps you stabilize your body, which comes in handy during certain ab exercises. When doing such moves as reverse crunches or ab lifts, you can hold onto a chair and focus on your abs to give them a better workout.

Just like many of the most popular workouts on Reif’s YouTube channel, this one is just ten minutes long, but that didn’t stop her from adding all sorts of different moves to the mix. Russian twists, leg holds, flutter kicks, and several variations of crunches and planks are some of the exercises you can use to get your lower, upper, and side abs into the top shape.