Pamela Reif’s Six Pack Workouts Are Fit for All Fitness Levels

Image via Pamela Reif/YouTube

Pamela Reif is one of YouTube’s leading fitness influencers, and she’s constantly rocking our world with her six pack workouts. If you want to get great abs this summer, she probably has a workout video that fits your needs since they’re geared at people of all fitness levels.


If you’re still at the beginning of your fitness journey, this is the workout you need. Reif made it with beginners in mind and made sure to include breaks and basic exercises. Just like the majority of her workouts, this one can be performed with no equipment, making it even more perfect for beginners.

Beginners to Medium

If you’re up for a bigger challenge after mastering all the exercises from Reif’s previous video, make sure to check out this one. The fitness influencer is promising this routine can help you build up your strength before you jump into other more demanding workout videos on her channel.

Advanced Workout

Looking for a routine that will help you take your six pack to the next level. This is the video you need! In just ten minutes, Reif will go through a series of advanced exercises that will target your lower abs, upper abs, and side abs, and she promises this routine is truly hardcore.