Perfect Your Bicycle Crunches by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Woman doing an ab workout
Image via Haritonoff/depositphotos

Bicycle crunches are one of the best ab exercises on the market and you should definitely implement them into your fitness routine. It takes some time to improve your technique when you’re new to this exercise, but avoiding these common mistakes will get you there.

Going Too Fast

There’s no need to rush things when it comes to bicycle crunches. Take your time and go slowly because it will allow you to control your breathing and correct your form.

Elbow to Knee Touch

Most people doing bicycle crunches try to touch their knees with the elbows, thinking it’s a sign that the exercise is being done correctly. This isn’t necessary and it may even put a strain on your neck.

Head Movements

Trying to get that elbow-knee contact isn’t the only thing that will put a strain on your neck. You’ll do the same by pulling your head forward and tucking your chin down too far.

Hip Rotation

Your torso should be the only thing rotating during this exercise and there’s no need to repeat the same movement with your hips. Simply drive your legs forward and backward, extending as much as you can to properly fire up your quad muscles.