You Can Get an Amazing Six Pack Using Only a Pillow

Just when we thought that Halle Berry gave us the most unconventional abs-sculpting hack with her viral towel routine, Jeanette Jenkins proved us wrong. The professional trainer shared a video of herself doing a series of ab exercises using nothing but a pillow.

The list of awesome exercises Jenkins demonstrated in this video includes leg darts, half roll back single leg lifts, V hold double leg kicks, V hold pillow smash, pillow twist, extend legs, ab tuck with pillow pass, straight leg pillow pass, and side plank with reach under.

She doesn’t go into detail explaining each move, but they’re pretty easy to copy if you follow the steps in the video. What we love about her routine is the fact she’s not focusing on basic exercises everyone’s familiar with and adding some fun new ones to her routine instead.

To make the whole thing even better, you can copy these amazing moves in the comfort of your own home with no equipment at all. Just grab a pillow and get to work!