Reasons Why You Should Have Protein Before Bed

Great nutrition is extremely important. It’s not only about what you eat, but also when you eat it. Having protein before bed is something you should consider, and there are many studies to prove the benefits of this habit. If you are still wondering why, let us give you several major reasons to introduce this into your everyday life.

Growing Muscle Mass

Bigger, leaner muscles are not only made in the gym. They are also made in the kitchen. Having a healthy dose of protein before you go to bed means that you will gain muscle mass. If this is one of your goals, make sure to include more protein-rich foods or a protein shake before you head to sleep.

Weight Loss

If you feed the muscles right during the night, you will wake up feeling fuller than usual. This means less morning cravings and a lighter breakfast. The fact that you’re waking up hungry might be a sign that you’re not having enough protein at night.

Stronger Muscles

Night is the time when our whole body recovers and restores. This is also the time when your muscles need proper nutrition. Having protein before bed will give them the right nutrients to feed on and grow.